A key learning from the military – Attack. Most military campaigns are won when you attack. In the French indo china wars as long as the Vietnamese were defending they were able to harass the French but not able to win their independence. It’s only when General Giap decided to have the audacity to attack the French at Dien Bien Phu, that Vietnam started winning. 

India was struggling under the British to gain freedom for over two centuries but not until Gandhi started aggressively attacking every British institution – police, tax, army through his campaigns could India secure it’s freedom. Alexander became “the great” when he took the battle to the persians at granicius. In a famous moment in the battle his generals asked his permission to attack the persians at dawn the next day but Alexander jumped into the battle immediately taking a small band of horsemen and attack the Persians. Panicked they fled and the greatest empire known to man was created.

A simple mantra to deal with every issue and opportunity that comes in front of us – Attack.

When you see a problem, go deep into it, attack it’s root, understand the issues and then work to solve it. If it is at work, attack it with your colleagues and do not give up until you win.

If there is a relationship problem attack it as well. If there is someone not talking to you or a relationship that has become weak over time, call or meet the person and tell them you want to fix things. In most cases a solution will appear.

If you are not in the best of health and want to get better, the only way is through. Attack the issue, start your healthier eating, start some exercise. Battle it and attack it. 

If there is a big project you want to do, like starting a venture or writing  a book, go attack it. Do it every single day until you are done.

You will get tired. You will get fed up. You will feel like giving up. 

At all these moments, gather your energies and remember – your goal is ahead of you.

So Attack and win. 

The attacker has the advantage. The attacker has the momentum. Attack has the excitement.

Everyday when you wake up, ask one simple question – what will you attack today ?

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