Is your team fearless ?

In the olden times, many ministers in a king’s court were known as yes -men. They always answered yes to whatever question was raised by the king. The reason was not because they did not have an independent view but because they were worried about the consequences of dissent. Often disagreement with the leader could mean that you lose your position or even your head.


If there is a big project you want to do, like starting a venture or writing a book, go attack it. Do it every single day until you are done.
You will get tired. You will get fed up. You will feel like giving up. At all these moments, gather your energies and remember – your goal is ahead of you. So Attack and win.
The attacker has the advantage. The attacker has the momentum. Attack has the excitement. Everyday when you wake up, ask one simple question – what will you attack today ?

Shoes In,Phone out

I sleep with my phone next to me. Sometimes near my head. Sometimes on the bed. Always at an arm’s length. Who wouldn’t want to watch more youtube shorts or random Netflix series or check on whats app at midnite right ? The result – a distracted mind, poor sleep, restlessness, wasted time and energy and you don’t even remember what you were watching last nite.

Rules give us freedom

We often struggle to get what needs to be done finished. Important projects or hobbies do not get the time of day. Often we may not call our friends or parents frequently, losing touch with them. Exercise, diet, relationships – in all areas we may find that we are slowly but surely not doing what needs to be done fully.

5 why technique

When you are faced with an issue in your life you are unable to solve or an opportunity you are unable to address – go ahead and start asking why.
The why will get you there.

When I then I

We often struggle to bring about change in ourselves – at work, in our habits, in health and in relationships. Human beings get stuck to their patterns and do not change until they are forced to. When we choose unhealthy eating and lack of exercise for a long time, we are forced to change only when the doctor tells us we need to or we have developed a chronic health problem.

Welcome the haters

I recently had a case at work where a leader decided on a bold new project despite a lot of objections from everyone around. The project looked high risk, had not been done before and was unclear on the risks. All the more reason to do it, said the leader. We all supported and we moved ahead.

Practice your practice

Today my yoga teacher used an interesting phrase – practice your practice. What she meant was to say define what it is that we want to devote ourselves to. Then devote ourselves to it and do it regularly with focus and commitment. There is a magic in the consistent devotional focus we can give something and the results this consistent practice can produce.

Gita lessons – Why does god act

When Arjuna the great warrior is confused on the battlefield and Lord Krishna is explaining to him his duties as a warrior, the Lord says ” Everyone must act as per their natural dharma or duties”


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