Come to the office early. Before everyone else is in.

Help to clean the coffee mugs left behind by others. A CEO once did it as a service to his team.

Give a little to those who need before they ask for it.

Thank the bus driver for their service. Almost no one does that.

Ask the shop clerk how they are doing. People treat them like robots.

Read up everything you can on a subject to master it.

Plan your week ahead over the weekend. Very few people do that.

Remove the phone from your bed room and spend time with your partner.

Disconnect the internet for an hour and work.

Call your parents. Everyday.

Run that extra mile. Do the extra push ups.

Meditate for a few minutes longer everyday.

Write in a journal.

When you see someone interesting go say hello.

Take off for a weekend to a new place that you have never been.

Offer to make the presentations for your colleagues.

Ask everyone in your team what extra work you can take off them.

Be the first to raise your hand. Go and volunteer.

Feed a bird or a stray cat. See if you can do it regularly.

Sit in silence for a few minutes. See how long you can stretch it.

Set a goal to improve 10X in an any area of your life. In weeks and months.

Give up a precious possession to someone else.

Just check in with old friends and ask how they are doing.

Make a vision board. Cut out pictures out of magazines and paste them onto a board.

Take minutes for meetings that you are in and share with everyone.

Pray to the almighty everyday.

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