When you look at your life what areas are you happy about ? What areas do you wish you could make more progress ? Make a list of the first and the second. Perhaps your marriage is in the first bucket and your health is in the second bucket. Or vice versa. Similarly your work, hobbies, children, wish to travel etc may fall into the first bucket of success/happiness or the second bucket of failure / regret.
When you compare them what do you see as the key differences ? I did the same for me and found that the key difference between the two was the degree of ownership I had over the topic . It was easy to measure by one simple yardstick – how often did I make excuses in the space. At work regarding my sales targets, I don’t remember making excuses ever. So I always chased my goals fully with deep commitment. Most years would hit or exceed the targets. On the other hand health and weight have been long term issues – I make a lot of excuses – why I cant go to yoga, why I have to eat that piece of cake, how I am looking slimmer while I know that I am not. As a result I have not made much progress. Excuses are the self created obstacles and pit stops along the way. They offer a false comfort that prevents one from making progress. Similarly relationships, investing money in the right areas, spending time with friends and family and down to mundane things like paying bills on time – ask yourself where are you making excuses. Then write down one simple mantra – “Every excuse is bullshit”. Everyone of them. The reason why one cant hit the target. The reason why we cant go to the gym. The reason why we forgot to wish someone close on their birthday. The reason we delayed writing the important report. The reason we didn’t do the annual health check up. The reason we didn’t spend time to buy a very nice gift for our very good friend. Every excuse is bullshit. They all are self created obstacles that prevent us from realizing our potential and stop us from growing. They confuse us , prevent us from unlocking opportunities and stop us from being the best version of ourselves. So when you see an area you are not growing in , notice how many excuses are you making. Then remind yourself “every excuse is bullshit” and stop making the excuse. Stop the excuses. Start the growth.

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