As I became CEO for my organisation I was forced to reflect on what is the role of a leader. Is it truly a position that carries power and authority and is on “top” of everyone else. Somehow this definition does not sit right with me and makes me deeply uncomfortable.

I prefer to think of leadership as a set of processes designed to unlock the potential of teams and the organization – to achieve the maximum possible and to climb the next peak before us.

So what are the simple daily and weekly processes a leader can follow to make the maximum impact.

  1. Connect – Say hello, speak to the teams and ask how they are doing. Personally, and professionally – what is working and what could be better.
  1. Celebrate – Recognize something good someone has done. Celebrate it privately. Celebrate it publicly. Give small awards. Create a trophy.
  1. Demonstrate – Whatever the leader wants the organisation to do, do it yourself as well and share with everyone else. Go to the market, meet the customers, get the orders, do the analysis. Find the mundane tasks that get ignored and go do them.
  1. Coach – Sit down one on one with someone with a specific agenda in mind. Choose a specific area where the individual needs support and help and ask them about their feelings and behaviour. Give them some practical advice that helps and then set up a follow up session.
  1. Imagine – Brainstorm and imagine the future. Organise workshops on key important topics to unlock growth and opportunity. 
  1. Solve – When faced with challenging issues,bring people together to help unlock them. Get all those who matter onto a short call to address a misunderstanding.
  1. Communicate  – Define your priorities and communicate them. Then over communicate them until everyone can understand them easily and clearly.
  1. Ask – Ask questions of everyone. What is good ? What can be better ? what are the risks ? what are the opportunities ? If you were in my role what would you do ?
  1. Feedback – Seek feedback on all areas of the organisation via surveys. See what areas are progressing and which ones are not. Then intervene and solve where needed.
  1. Measure – Insist on measurement of results so everything can be tangibly seen and measured. Make the scorecard and results clear and visible to everyone.

Leadership is a process to help others unlock their potential. Leadership is a service. Leadership is responsibility. It is not a position or a title.

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